Fascinating Wildlife in Zimbabwe

Natural Habitat Adventures December 30, 2017 0

“On an early morning in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, our guide took us to where he had heard the lion pride that we had seen the day before: two lionesses and six cubs were resting after a zebra kill. We watched them nap after eating their fill. Their stomachs were obviously very full and the lionesses were lightly dozing in a protective mode. The cubs were still semi-active and watching them was delightful. After about 20 minutes, we moved on with a promise from our guide that we would return.

Lionesses in Hwange National Park

We headed towards a watering hole hoping to find other wildlife and found about eight giraffes, females and young males, gracefully walking towards the watering hole. Standing on the opposite bank of the watering hole was a very young, tiny zebra, all alone. Our guide told us he was certain that the zebra kill we had seen next to the lions was the mother.


What was absolutely fascinating was when the giraffes spotted the little zebra. They all stopped and slowly, very carefully, moved closer to the little one with their necks outstretched, as if to say, “What are you doing out here all alone? Where is your mother? Where is your herd?” They spent quite a long time just watching it.

Giraffes and baby zebra

Our guide told us that he didn’t hold out much hope for the baby zebra, but was as fascinated by the exchange as we were. As he spoke to us, he kept exclaiming, ‘Nature is so amazing!’

I totally agree!!”

— Carolyn Knoll

Zebra in Hwange National Park

This guest post was written by Nat Hab traveler Carolyn Knoll. All photos © Carolyn Knoll.

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