Traveler Story: A Galapagos Hiking & Kayaking Adventure

Natural Habitat Adventures June 12, 2017 0

Galapagos guides and guests

“My sister, who is also my favorite travel partner and lifelong best friend, lives 1,600 miles away, so we don’t get the opportunity to see each other frequently. We decided to travel to the ‘Enchanted Isles’ for our dream ‘sistercation’ to the Galapagos Islands with Nat Hab, as we both love wildlife, nature and outdoor adventures. We chose this trip specifically, because of the unique kayaking aspect, but I was less comfortable with snorkeling due to limited experience.

Our first snorkel of the trip was a sunrise snorkel at Leon Dormido. Although I was nervous and somehow ended up with my wetsuit on backwards the first attempt, our guides took the time to patiently coach me through how to correctly use and adjust my equipment and be confident in the water.

During our first snorkel, I fell in love with this underwater world, full of new life to explore. One of the highlights was swimming with a few sea lion friends, who created the cutest ‘photobomb’ selfie ever made.

Galapagos snorkeling adventure

By the end of the trip, I felt at home in the water, hanging out with fish, sharks, turtles and even tropical penguins. On the land, we also got to experience camping with 100-year-old tortoises.

The activities, wildlife and people that we met on our Galapagos adventure were incredible. The memories that we made with our Galapagos family will always travel with us and keep us together, wherever in the world we end up.”

— J. Justice, Galapagos Hiking & Kayaking Adventure, February 2017

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